Business info

Business info

Virtual World Innovations is a cutting-edge leader in 3D imaging and aerial photography operated by its owners who are hands on experts of their subject disciplines. Owners Jason Price and Matthew Dickey are retired Police Officers with 40 plus years of combined experience in scene measurement, photography, mapping and laser scanning; which has developed their ability to work efficiently and effectively returning a product with the highest attainable degree of accuracy in the shortest of time frames. Having years of directly related experience with the creation of 3D renderings of crime and vehicle crash scenes, it was only natural that they would gravitate toward new technology and advanced photographic capabilities.

Being Part 107 compliant FAA certified SUAS (drone aircraft) operators, Virtual World Innovations (VWI) can photograph, video record, map and inspect structures, land for development, real estate, commercial buildings and spaces without the expense of hiring manned aircraft and their crews. With a Law Enforcement background, the owner/operators of VWI are security conscious and very aware of privacy and security concerns within properties and structures. They always strive to render the best possible product while keeping prying eyes from seeing anything that a client would prefer to be kept private. VWI’s staff continually updates their knowledge and training and are always searching the horizon for a new and better way to serve their clients as technology evolves.

Matterport is the future, this is how to show and see any property. Pictures don’t do justice; video provides no control. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Matterport 3D showcase leaves you speechless.
Thank you, Virtual World Innovations, for making my job easier and profitable.
...Frank Thomas (Iron Fist Properties)

I’m beyond thrilled with product they provided us, Jason is so wonderful to work with and very flexible with scheduling. The quality of their work is superior. I would absolutely recommend them for all your marketing and advertising needs!
…Amanda – Lombardo Companies

I give Virtual World Innovations 5 stars! They are professional, courteous, timely and they know what they are talking about! If you want to show your company in a totally different fashion on your website or on social media, I highly recommend using them to create your own 3D Virtual Tour!
... Scott Bolman


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