NIGHTLOCK – Door Barricade 


The NIGHTLOCK Door Barricade is for extreme emergencies. It allows a teacher to immediately lock the door from the inside the classroom, eliminating exposure during a hostel intruder situation. This device makes it virtual impossible for an intruder to break through the entry door. In one swift motion the students and those in the classroom are protected and secure, during “shelter in place” emergency lockdowns and active shooter events.

 NIGHTLOCK Door Barricades can withstand tremendous force of 2,000lbs. It acts as a Barricade / DOOR JAMMER, located at the floor level, it is out of reach of assailant. The Department of Homeland Security recommends locking and barricading doors when sheltering in place.  Whether it’s a small Day Care facility or 400-room school, NIGHTLOCK provides protection in just seconds for any emergency lockdown situations